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One & Done® Videos

  • 100+ hours of One & Done Videos – detailed concept learning
  • Dig into all topics, exhibits, graphs and examples
  • Work through exam subject areas concepts & formulas
  • Provide context of “why” you are studying certain material
  • Connect concepts; demonstrate insight into “why”
  • Dive deep into each topic uncovering key details
  • Outline what’s important for best execution on exam day
  • Provide solid grasp of the concepts needed for constructed response or item set questions
  • Help you obtain a competitive advantage on exam day through coverage of curriculum details

One & Done Video Series: $1289


Problem Solving Workshop – Ongoing

  • Continuous workshop where the candidate and I jointly work the problems from the CFA readings
  • We connect topics between study sessions where possible exam questions come from
  • Work hard white text, difficult Bluebox examples and end of reading questions
  • Identify exam “blind spots” and exam day traps that prevent every point from being in your favor
  • Discuss exam strategy in the final month leading unto the exam, the final week of the exam, the night before and the day of the exam because every detail matters in your pursuit of success

Problem Solving Workshop: $510


One & Done Videos +
LevelUp BootCamp Combo Plan

  • The preferred choice to Level III exam success
  • 100+ hours of One & Done Videos
  • Four-day intense LevelUp BootCamp
  • Dig into every topic, exhibit, graph and example to work through and understand concepts, topics & formulas
  • Detailed application of theory & exam practice
  • Provides, connects, demonstrates context of “why”
  • Extensive review of CFA® program curriculum
  • Identify exam “blind spots” and point traps
  • LevelUp Core Curriculum Slide Book
  • Exam strategy for the final month
  • Taught by industry expert with CFA® designation

Videos and BootCamp Combo Package: $1999

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LevelUp BootCamps

  • Four-day intense LevelUp BootCamps
  • Covers nearly every page of Level III CFA® program curriculum
  • Overview and deep dive into exam topics
  • Detailed, analogy-driven examples & slide books
  • Demonstrates, drills down & connects concepts
  • Work hard – white text/work blue box examples
  • Review graphs and exhibits in detail
  • Identify exam “blind spots” and traps
  • Program study books
  • Exam strategy for the final month

Bootcamp: $1289

Choose a BootCamp

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Not sure you need both One & Done Videos and LevelUp BootCamp?

Choose the One & Done Videos and come back any time to add a BootCamp (or Bootcamp and then Videos) . You still get both for the total combo price of $1999 – A savings of $539. (Discount applied in shopping cart).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose LevelUp CFA® Exam Prep

See why students excel with LevelUp. And, who said learning can’t be fun?

LevelUp, LLC was founded by Marc LeFebvre, CFA, to guide the Level III exam candidates through the CFA® Program curriculum, to master the core knowledge, skills, and abilities that are applied by the global investment professional in making sound investment decisions.

Through the use of detailed teachings and easy-to-understand analogies, we build on two core principles: hard work, and humor. One & Done Videos and LevelUp BootCamps make it ONE & DONE®!

What Our CFA® Charterholders Are Saying…

“Marc has an incredible knack and passion for teaching and displays three important tenets of the profession: knowledge, clarity and a willingness to help. He is incredibly effective at both teaching the material and preparing one for the CFA examinations. His lively personality and clever wit were well placed in helping to reduce the overall stress of the process and served as an effective tool to keep his audience engaged.”

Derek W. Weener, CFA,


“The videos are a game-changer, which provides content broken down concept by concept. It was the difference for me. The Videos + Bootcamp allowed my brain to be a mental ‘meat hook’ that held onto the content, which allowed me ultimately be successful on exam day!”

Richard Thomas, CFA,

Senior Manager, Managed Asset Programs,

Scotia Wealth Management

“Marc’s talent is that he has the ability to distill, purify, refine and simplify the Level III CFA candidate material. Making complicated material simple, helping put the curriculum into a system that helps you not only learn the material for the exam, but also helps you know it for years after the exam.”

Ed Proctor, CFA,

Financial Associate,

Vanguard Institutional Advisory Services

“Marc got me over the finish line. He has an in-depth understanding of the material and can communicate it effectively to where you truly understand the concepts and can reason your way through the questions. His exam tips were spot on and I know I didn’t leave points on the table as a result.”

Lauren Intinarelli,

Hedging Consulting,

Chatham Financial

“Marc highlighted numerous concepts that I would have glazed over, and guess what – they showed up on the exam. Thanks to Marc, I was able to confidently pass the Level III exam on the first try. Money incredibly well spent!”

Tara Falcone, CFA,

CFP® | Founder of ReisUP

“Marc made the whole process enjoyable  – I recommended my colleagues all take the program too and they all passed! Marc really makes a difference for so many people out there, myself included!”

Robert Heinrichs, CFA,

Investment Consultant,

Veritable, LP

Making Complicated Materials Simple

“Marc’s talent is that he has the ability to distill, purify, refine and simplify the Level III CFA candidate material. Making complicated material simple, helping put the curriculum into a system that helps you not only learn the material for the exam, but also helps you know it for years after the exam.”

Lauren Intinarelli, CFA
Philadelphia, PA

Fun and Detail-Oriented

“Marc attacks the challenge of preparing the candidate for the exam. He leaves no detail uncovered, creates great conditions for candidates to learn, breaks up the intense course time with humor, distills the material into the strong points and connects ideas and concepts so incredibly helpful on exam day.”

Mike Behan, CFA
St. Louis, MO

Passion and Energy for Positive Results

“Marc is passionate about teaching the curriculum. His energy keeps you awake when it isn’t easy and it drives you to pick up those additional tips, points, and steps that ultimately lead to a positive result. He worked tirelessly to put together a good experience for his students and that makes you feel like a loser if you’re not matching that intensity.”

Adam Morgan, CFA
Chapel Hill, NC

Strategies for Studying and Passing the Exam

“I literally don’t think I could have passed without your help. The BootCamp made a huge difference. Your arsenal of past exams, strategies for passing and where/how to focus remaining study time, and especially tactics on the IPS return calculation questions were amazingly spot-on and helpful.”

Katie Wham, CFA
Seattle, WA