Problem Solving Workshop – Ongoing - Tuesday Evenings

Problem Solving Workshop – Ongoing

Want to attend a virtual problem solving workshop focusing on the challenging and likely exam questions for the February 2023 and the August 2023 exam taken directly from the CFA® candidate curriculum?

*** Many ask when the class begins…it is a “rolling class,” meaning we roll through the curriculum in an on-going basis.  You can begin anytime.  We might be covering trading in the current class and we work towards performance evaluation the following week rolling the order of the curriculum ending with GIPS and then we start over again with Ben. Fin.

Why do this…?

  1.  We work the hard problems in the CFA candidate curriculum.  I work the white text examples, the Bluebox examples and many end of reading examples.
  2. I ask the candidates for their answers and they learn how to better answer questions, use CFA language and terms and be tighter and more specific in their solutions.
  3. Provides a target objective to cover the mater before class and provides accountability for the candidate
  4. Provides office hours to discuss questions with the instructor as well as work along side other candidates to better solve CFA questions.

Classes run for 2.15 hours every Tuesday at 6pm EST, 5pm CST, 4pm MST and 3pm PST.

Class held via Cisco WebEx and the class is recorded for later viewing.  This means if you jump into the class midway through the curriculum you can always catch up on earlier recorded classes.




The LevelUp Problem Solving Workshop will help you prepare for the challenging and likely exam questions for the May 2022 exam.  This Workshop is an ongoing 26 week virtual Workshop that will start over on week 27.

In this Workshop, we will…

  • Have a back and forth discussion on how to solve the more challenging problems in the curriculum readings
  • Look for the nuances in the questions, the subtle details need for the exam and prepare our answers in a tight and timely basis using…
  • White text examples inside the readings,
  • Bluebox examples, and
  • End of chapter questions
  • Identify exam “blind spots” and traps that prevent every point from being in your favor
  • Discuss exam strategy in the final month leading unto the exam, the final week of the exam, the night before and the day of the exam because every detail matters in your pursuit of success

LevelUp BootCamp Venue

This a virtual problem solving workshop focusing on the challenging and likely exam questions for the next exam taken directly from the CFA candidate curriculum.