CFA® Level 3 Exam Prep, 4-Day BootCamps

4-Day Live, Virtual, Online Intensive BootCamps Just 6 Weeks Before the Exam!

Instructor: Marc A. LeFebvre, CFA via Cisco WebEx
CFA Level 3 Exam Prep, 4-Day BootCamps

CFA® Level 3 BootCamps allow you to immerse yourself in the Level 3 curriculum for four intense days of expansive, comprehensive, detailed online exam prep. Pass this extremely challenging exam with Marc’s unparalleled CFA Level 3 knowledge and methods to pass the exam. Find out why they call him “The Sensei.”

LevelUp BootCamps run Thursday through Sunday, 8am CST until after 6pm CST.

The LevelUp BootCamps are recorded and viewable until past the exam window.

Winter 2024, 4-Day BootCamp (for Feb 2024 Exam)

January 4-7, 2024
(already took place but purchase all 4 days of the recorded class videos & materials)

BootCamp = $1,289
CFA Level 3 Exam Prep, 4-Day BootCamps
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Bundle &
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25% off!

Summer 2024, 4-Day BootCamp (for Aug 2024 Exam)

June 27-30, 2024

BootCamp = $1,289
CFA Level 3 Exam Prep, 4-Day BootCamps
Bundle & Save!

Bundle &
Save up to
25% off!

Sample of a 4-Day Online BootCamp


LevelUp 4-Day BootCamps are truly “bootcamps,” in every sense of the word. The LevelUp BootCamps are four long days (10+ hours per day) of CFA Level III online exam prep. It’s hard work during which we cover nearly every page of the CFA Program curriculum.

In the LevelUp BootCamp, we:

  • Provide overview and context – candidates learn to figuratively understand the forest, the trees, the bark on the trees and the bugs that eat the bark on the trees to pass the exam
  • Work hard white text examples found in the program readings
  • Work the difficult blue box examples and learn how to use the example solutions to build your perfect constructed response answers on your exam day
  • Cover many of the graphs and exhibits that may show up on the exam
  • Discuss how to study the Ethics  & Standards of Professional Conduct the right way
  • Identify exam “blind spots” and traps that prevent every point from being in your favor
  • Discuss exam strategy in the final month leading up to the exam, the final week of the exam, the night before and the day of the exam because every detail matters in your pursuit of success
  • The BootCamp is recorded and available to watch post class until the end of the next exam window
"Back in the Day" 4-Day BootCamps were in-person, all around the world.
"Back in the Day" 4-Day BootCamps were in-person
"Back in the Day" 4-Day BootCamps were all around the world
"Back in the Day" 4-Day BootCamps were in-person
Now Marc can virtually come to YOU and prepare you to PASS the exam!

CFA Level 3 Course Materials Included

LevelUp Core Curriculum Slide Book™

  • A bound hard copy of the Core Curriculum slide book is mailed to you upon receipt of your LevelUp BootCamp ticket purchase.
  • The most comprehensive presentation slide book used to cover nearly all aspects of the Level III CFA Program curriculum.
  • No need for note taking or crafting note cards, this slide book is the “the best – game changer” and saves you time.
  • Color slides provide you with the details that make a difference and help with recall on your exam day.
  • The slide book gives directions to highly relevant exhibits, white text, “BlueBox” and “Bridge” examples and end of reading problem sets in the candidate curriculum that is critical to mastering the material, and ultimately earning maximum points possible on the exam.
  • The slides tie together all aspects of the candidate curriculum into one amazing comprehensive and integrated review.
  • Candidates say post exam “nothing on the exam wasn’t covered in the slide book.”
  • After 2020, the Focus Material Book and its data was combined into the Core Curriculum Slide book for a one stop location for your exam prep needs.

How to Best Prepare for the CFA Level 3 BootCamp

Work on getting solid coverage of the Level 3 CFA Program curriculum before you start your BootCamp. Most candidates utilize the CFA Level 3 Videos (or One & Done® Videos) to prepare, along with attendance at the weekly LevelUp Problem Solving Workshops. If you use other providers, you may risk the reality that other review provider materials leave approximately 30%-35% uncovered and exclude many details in the topic coverage.

CFA Level 3 BootCamp Agenda

Each LevelUp BootCamp runs Thursday to Sunday from 8am CST to after 6pm CST all four days. On Friday evening, we will do an “exam strategy” two-hour session lasting late into the evening.

Each day consists 4-6 class blocks lasting 1 hour and 45 minutes each with 15 min breaks in the morning and afternoon blocks with a 30 minute break for lunch.

An agenda is emailed prior to the LevelUp BootCamp. The ebb and flow may change slightly each day based on candidate questions.

If we do not cover a topic in the Levelup BootCamp, a video covering that topic will be provided in the post Bootcamp videos.

Arrive to the BootCamp rested and prepared for four hard days of work.