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Instructor: Marc A. LeFebvre, CFA via On Demand Videos
LevelUp CFA Level 3 Videos

CFA Level 3 Videos (or One & Done® Videos) provide candidates with over 100 hours, covering every testable concept, example, and exhibit likely to be on the exam. Don’t risk the time and money having to take the exam multiple times. With Marc “The Sensei” LeFebvre you can make it… One & Done!

LevelUp CFA Level 3 Videos
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The most successful candidates start with the CFA Level 3 Videos.

Get the head start you need to pass the Level III CFA exam the first time!

CFA Level 3 Videos (or One & Done® Videos)


LevelUp CFA® Level 3 Video Series featuring Marc LeFebvre, CFA will give you a competitive advantage on your journey toward passing your final CFA exam. The videos will cover the CFA Program curriculum in detail with coverage of critical concepts, white text and BlueBox examples, exhibits and tables that are so essential to answering questions on your exam.

Six Reasons You Need LevelUp CFA Level 3 Videos

  1. Details Matter: I cover the reading details. Why? The exam is detailed focused and most candidates ignore the details in problems and often underestimate the question difficulty. If you took the exam and thought “that wasn’t too bad, I think I did well” and subsequently received disappointing results, then you missed the details. Lets talk!
  2. Perfect Storm: Did you know the curriculum covers similar concepts across various readings? LevelUp connects those concepts and makes sure the “perfect storm” doesn’t happen to you where you dismissed a topic double coverage yet the exam focused on the second related topic when you ignored the first.
  3. Fire Hose Effect: LevelUp CFA Level 3 Videos help you prevent that “firehose effect” in your preparation and on exam day. The “firehose effect” is the “information overload” that occurs when candidates try to read the CFA Program curriculum for the first time on their own. The candidate skips areas, dismisses complex topics hoping it won’t be tested (yes it will) or ignores examples, exhibits and details needed for the exam. I don’t skim over the hard stuff.
  4. Constructed Response Focused: LevelUp CFA Level 3 Videos equip the candidate with a solid grasp of the concepts needed for the constructed response or item set questions. I walk you through example solutions and explain how that process can guide you to providing the maximum point earning answer on exam day.
  5. BootCamp & Weekly Workshop Preparation: If you are looking for solid preparation for the Levelup BootCamps or Live Weekly Workshops, these LevelUp videos are your first step before attending each class. You will be SO prepared!
  6. Why This Topic? LevelUp CFA Level 3 Videos provide context or the reason “why” we are studying certain material, connect the concepts, and demonstrate insight into the “why” we are covering the topic.

Do this right ONCE and you will never have to do it again!

What’s Included

LevelUp CFA Level 3 Videos (or One & Done® Videos)

Accessed via a login from the LevelUp Website, located on your dashboard under “Memberships”.

Core Curriculum Slide Book

  • A bound hard copy of the slide book is mailed to you upon receipt of your video subscription.
  • The most comprehensive presentation slide book used to cover all aspects of the CFA Level 3 Program curriculum. These color slides provide you with the details that make a difference and help with recall on your exam day. The slide book gives directions to highly relevant exhibits, white text, “BlueBox” and “Bridge” examples and end of reading problem sets in the candidate curriculum that is critical to mastering the material, and ultimately earning maximum points possible on the exam. In addition, the slides tie together all aspects of the candidate curriculum into one amazing comprehensive and integrated review. Candidates say post exam, “nothing on the exam wasn’t covered in the slide book.”
  • NOTE: Post 2020, the Focus material data was combined into the Core Slide book for a one stop location for your exam prep needs.

LevelUp Core Curriculum Slide Book – Sample Page

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