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LevelUp, LLC and LevelUp BootCamps was founded in 2014 by Marc A. LeFebvre, CFA with the mission to help guide the Level III candidate through the CFA Program curriculum, to encourage and support their efforts to not only pass the exam but also to master the core knowledge, skills, and abilities that are applied by the global investment professional in making sound investment decisions.

So let’s make it “One & Done” in 2020!

Marc A. LeFebvre, CFA
Founder & CEO LevelUp, LLC & LevelUp BootCamps

What LevelUp BootCamp CFA charterholders are saying…

Making Complicated Materials Simple

“Marc’s talent is that he has the ability to distill, purify, refine and simplify the Level III CFA candidate material. Making complicated material simple, helping put the curriculum into a system that helps you not only learn the material for the exam, but also helps you know it for years after the exam.”

Lauren Intinarelli, CFA
Philadelphia, PA

Fun and Detail-Oriented

“Marc attacks the challenge of preparing the candidate for the exam. He leaves no detail uncovered, creates great conditions for candidates to learn, breaks up the intense course time with humor, distills the material into the strong points and connects ideas and concepts so incredibly helpful on exam day.”

Mike Behan, CFA
St. Louis, MO

Passion and Energy for Positive Results

“Marc is passionate about teaching the curriculum. His energy keeps you awake when it isn’t easy and it drives you to pick up those additional tips, points, and steps that ultimately lead to a positive result. He worked tirelessly to put together a good experience for his students and that makes you feel like a loser if you’re not matching that intensity.”

Adam Morgan, CFA
Chapel Hill, NC

Strategies for Studying and Passing the Exam

“I literally don’t think I could have passed without your help. The BootCamp made a huge difference. Your arsenal of past exams, strategies for passing and where/how to focus remaining study time, and especially tactics on the IPS return calculation questions were amazingly spot-on and helpful.”

Katie Wham, CFA
Seattle, WA