CFA® Level 3 Weekly Workshops

Live Weekly Workshops every Tuesday

Instructor: Marc A. LeFebvre, CFA via Cisco WebEx
LevelUp CFA Level 3 Live Weekly Workshops

CFA® Level 3 Weekly Workshops are live, virtual problem-solving workshops focusing on the likely exam questions on the CFA Level 3 Exam. This series is a “rolling class,” meaning we roll through the curriculum in an on-going basis. You can join anytime. The classes are recorded and viewable any time after class in case you missed a class. Online class membership lasts until you pass.

Classes run for 2.25 hours every Tuesday at 6pm EST, 5pm CST, 4pm MST and 3pm PST.

LevelUp CFA Level 3 Live Weekly Workshops
Live Weekly Workshops = $510
Unlimited Access Until You Pass

OR Bundle & Save with Videos & BootCamp


Live, virtual classes are held via Cisco WebEx every week and recorded for later viewing. This means if you jump into the class midway through the curriculum, you can always catch up on earlier recorded classes and we will circle back to that topic again.

Why do this?

  1. Preparation: Focused, weekly preparation to keep your learning on track for both the LevelUp BootCamp and ultimately the exam.
  2. Solve Hard Problems: We work the hard problems in the CFA Program curriculum (the ones you likely ignored). I work the white text, Bluebox and many end of reading examples. When those three examples intersect on a topic, then it’s a highly likely to be tested. That’s Mosaic Theory at its finest.
  3. Give & Take: I ask the candidates to provide solutions to the examples. I then critique their solutions. The candidate learns how to better answer questions, use CFA language and terms, and be tighter and more specific in their solutions. You learn exponentially through team learning.
  4. Momentum: Weekly schedule provides a target to cover the curriculum before class and the exam window while also providing accountability for the candidate to get the work done.
  5. Live Office Hours: Regular weekly office hours occur before the start of these Live Weekly Workshops where you can discuss questions with the instructor.
  6. Community: The class creates a community whereby candidates can connect, suffer together and ultimately celebrate their successes together.

Live, Weekly CFA Problem-Solving Workshops