Level III CFA® Exam One & Done Video Series

The LevelUp On-Demand Jumpstart Video Lecture series is designed to help the candidate work through the CFA® Program curriculum. The videos will cover the program and CFA candidate readings in detail with coverage of white text and BlueBox examples, exhibits and tables that are so critical to answering questions on the exam.  Some videos are one hour long (Beh. Finance), others are up to 2 1/2 hours (Fixed Income).  Total video length nearly 70 hours.  You can watch the videos an unlimited number of times.

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The LevelUp One & Done Video Series featuring Marc LeFebvre, CFA will give you a “head above the rest” Jumpstart on your journey toward passing your final CFA® exam.

Why do you need this?

  • The Level III CFA® exam is hard, 61% of Level III candidates fail.  The exam is detailed, requires a constructed response and most candidates underestimate its difficulty.
  • The One & Done videos help prevent that “firehose effect” in your preparation and on exam day.  The “firehose effect” is the information overload that occurs when candidates try to read the CFA® Program curriculum for the first time. Most did not use the curriculum for Levels I & II but know they need to for Level III.  The candidate becomes overwhelmed, they don’t see the topic interconnections and get lost in the depth of the curriculum.
  • The One & Done videos provide context or the reason “why” we are studying certain material, they connect the concepts, they demonstrate the insight into the “why”
  • The videos deep dive into each topic uncovering details so important for best execution on exam day.  The One & Done videos are NOT top-level summaries, they dig into every topic, exhibit, graph and example while helping you work through and understand (not memorize) formulas.
  • The videos also providing the candidate with a solid grasp of the concepts needed for the constructed response or item set questions.  Details matter so use the videos to help you obtain that competitive advantage on exam day.
  • Do this right once and you will never have to do it again!

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“Enough is enough!…I just want to be done with this process. Can anyone help me make it ‘One & Done’ in 2022?”

This is the mantra of many Level III CFA® candidates, I hear it all the time. So I made this my calling in life. The Level III candidate has the most to lose when they don’t pass but the most to gain once they do.

The typical CFA® Level III candidate is engaged or just married, they are starting families or adding to them, their careers are taking off with additional responsibilities and the time pressures are quickly mounting. You have spent years (some candidates have spent up to ten years) on this goal of earning your CFA® charter and you don’t want to spend another year working toward that objective. Your spouses are going to hang you from a tall oak tree (courtesy of Toby Kieth) and cover you with fire ants if they spend another Easter/Passover with you studying or another Memorial Day buried in mock exams.

The LevelUp Video Series has been requested by candidates from around the globe. They had said if I could make more of my lectures available to more candidates several things would happen:

  • The value of our finance profession would increase as many more candidates would pass the exam, earn their CFA® charters and practice the candidate body of knowledge (CBOK) in their professions,
  • The candidates career would take off, I’ve heard from so many successful candidates of the new job opportunities and doors that opened as a result of passing the Level III CFA® exam and finally…
  • Their spouses, children, friends, community and careers would appreciate their full unbridled attention after August 2022.

This can be YOU! You deserve to pass. You don’t have to spend another year focused on LOS’s, working mock exams, memorizing formulas and texting your study buddy about what time to meet at the library ever again. How can you make this “your” year to earn that coveted designation?… Sign up now for your LevelUp BootCamp or LevelUp One & Done Video Series before your competition does and your left waiting again until 2022.

Do the hard work the first time and it will be your last time!…Let’s Make It “One & Done” in 2022!

The LevelUp Jumpstart Video Lecture series is designed to help the candidate work through the CFA® Program curriculum. The videos will cover the program in detail, they are intense but incorporate the necessary coverage of concepts, BlueBox examples, exhibits, and tables that are so critical to answering exam questions.

The videos will have a classroom feel. We will be referring to the CFA Program, we will be using the LevelUp Core Curriculum Slide Book and we will work challenging problems many candidates become frustrated with their preparations.

LevelUp Core Curriculum Slide Book – Sample Page

The advantage of working through the candidate curriculum increases your likelihood of passing the exam in June. You will be preparing for the exam with the CFA Program material in which the exam is taken from. The proverbial fog will come off the windshield in our classes, you will find it is possible and easier to read the curriculum and actually “enjoy” the material but most importantly be able to use and apply it to your job and career in the future and not to just pass the exam.

So get ready to do some serious work. Grab your candidate readings, get ready to fill a notebook and let’s make this the best learning experience you’ve had yet!

Weekly On-Demand Videos

  • Accessed via a login from the LevelUp Website.
  • Videos become available starting August each year

LevelUp Core Curriculum Slide Book

  • A bound hard copy of the slide book is mailed to you upon receipt of your video subscription.
  • The best and most comprehensive presentation slide book used to cover all aspects of the Level III CFA® Program curriculum. These color slides provide you with the details that make a difference and help with recall on your exam day. The slide book gives directions to highly relevant exhibits, “BlueBox” and “Bridge” examples and problem sets in the candidate curriculum that is critical to mastering the material, and ultimately earning all the points possible on the exam. In addition, the slides tie together all aspects of the candidate curriculum into one amazing comprehensive and integrated review. No other review provider had one person construct the entire deck of slides from beginning to end as these do showing a seamless integration between topics.

Focus Material Book

  • The single best tool to use in preparing for the exam.  Most summaries of the candidate curriculum simply cut-down material to manageable bites and you hope they didn’t leave anything out.  Not the Focus Material Book.  The goal here is to provide you with a workbook that has you “focus” on the exhibits, tables, white text problems (examples found inside the reading text), Bluebox examples, end of chapter problems and old exam questions sorted by topic.  For example, Grinold-Kroner in Capital Market Expectations has several Bluebox examples, a critical white text example, and several past exam questions.  Essentially, this helps you learn how the CFA Institute tests the topic across all the ways presented in the curriculum.  Magic…booyah!