Level III Morning Session Mock Exams

The Level III CFA exam is unlike any other exam you’ve taken.

The Level III CFA® exam
is hard, 61% of Level III
candidates fail.

The exam requires a constructed response and most underestimate its difficulty.

Information overload often occurs when trying to read the curriculum for the first time.

Get the head start you need to pass the Level III CFA exam!

Bill Campbell, CFAIf you’re looking to practice and assess your skill on the next Level III CFA® morning exam, look no further.

Bill Campbell III, CFA, is one of the minority of CFA charterholders who passed each CFA exam the first time he took them and has been teaching CFA review courses since 2005. His education includes Bachelor’s degrees in Business (Accounting) and Mathematics from California State University, Fullerton (CSUF), and a Master’s degree in Mathematics from CSUF.

Bill has written some of the most widely praised, high quality Level III Morning Session Mock Exams providing many extras not found in other third-party mock exams, making them all the more valuable in your study program. Bill writes with three primary goals:

  • Match the look and feel of the actual Level III morning session exam

  • Match the difficulty of the actual Level III morning session exam

  • Give the candidates guideline answers that will help them assess their performance accurately, and will also help them learn the curriculum material

In addition to Bill putting all of his skill into writing the exam questions and answers, he also had the Mock Exams reviewed by a team who have sat for the Level III exam. As you will see when you sit down, open it up, and immerse yourself in it for three hours, Bill’s Mock Exams are second to none.

2022 Level III Morning Session Mock Exams

LIII-ME-01 Mock Exam #1


LIII-ME-02 Mock Exam #2


LIII-ME-03 Mock Exam #3


LIII-ME-04 Mock Exam #4


LIII-ME-PKG Mock Exam Package (Exams 1, 2, 3, & 4)